This medieval church in York's city centre is open every day whether you want to look around, spend some quiet time in prayer or meditation, or attend a service.

St Helen Stonegate is right in the historic city centre of York, on St Helen's Square facing the Guildhall and Mansion House. To one side of the church is the famous Bettys café, on the other Stonegate leading to the Minster. We are normally open every day. 

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About us

St Helen is a Church of England parish church. Founded perhaps a thousand years ago on a site important in Roman times, it was one of many small churches in the city centre. Today the church serves a variety of purposes, not only a place of worship but a stop for York's many thousands of visitors and a venue for cultural events. 

Regular Worship

 We hold at least one service each week. Some are Celtic inspired whilst others feature classical and traditional church music. Most services are supported by our Choral Scholars.


  • We celebrate a Celtic inspired Communion on the first and third Saturdays of each month at midday (40 minutes)
  • We hold Organ Vespers on the second Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm(30 minutes)
  • We celebrate Eucharist on the last Sunday of the month at 6pm. 

We also hold services on mid-week Feast Days and other special occasions.

CLASSICAL MASS BY VICTORIA.   On Sunday 26th July at 6pm we look forward to a Classical Mass by Victoria as we observe the festival of St James the Apostle.  James was one of the inner group of disciples Peter, James and John who were with Our Lord at the Mount of Transfiguration.  He was the first Christian martyr and was beheaded by Herod Agrippa.  Tomas Luis Victoria lived in Spain between 1548 and 1611.  He was the most famous composer in 16th century Spain and with Palestrina one of the foremost composers of the counter reformation.  It is very appropriate that we are to enjoy his   "Missa O quam gloriosum" as the main shrine for St James is also in Spain at Santiago de Compostela which is where his remains are supposed to rest.  In 2013 some 215,000 people had completed the final 100km walk.  The Mass will be sung by some members of the local choir Consonance directed by David Howard.  The Order of Service is hereA poster can be downloaded here.

Our partners

St Helen has been united with St Martin Coney Street for many years. We share a priest in charge with All Saints Pavement, St Denys, and St Olave. Under the leadership of Revd Jane Nattrass for the whole group, new work is being initiated at St Helen's by Assistant Priest Canon Derek Earis. He can be contacted on 07984 655662 or

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